Privacy Policy

PressPlaySA recognizes and respects the importance of maintaining the privacy of its customers and users and encourages you to peruse this privacy policy to better understand why PressPlaySA gathers customer and visitor information and how PressPlaySA intends to use such information.

PressPlaySA may collect the following information:

a) for the purposes of placing an order, you will be required to provide PressPlaySA with your name, postal address, physical address, telephone contact numbers and email address;

b) for the purposes of processing an order you will be required to provide PressPlaySA with your name, delivery address and telephone contact numbers; and

PressPlaySA may collect certain information such as the name of the internet service provider and the internet protocol address through which you have accessed the PressPlaySA website (the “Site”), the date and time that you have accessed the Site, the pages that you have accessed while on the Site and the internet address of any website from which you may have linked directly to the Site. PressPlaySA shall have the right to use this information to enhance the functionality and accessibility of the Site.

All information regarding payment and banking details will be collected and held by PressPlaySA payment gateway service provider, Pay Fast Internet Payment Gateway. PressPlaySA will not collect or hold such information and SOTA encourages you to peruse the Pay Fast privacy policy. All your credit card details will be protected by the standard payment gateway processes provided by Pay Fast Internet Payment Gateway.

All information collected by PressPlaySA via the Site shall be password protected and shall not be used by SOTA for any purpose other than to identify its customers, to inform and enhance its marketing strategies and to develop the Website to meet the needs of its visitors and customers.

All personal information provided to PressPlaySA via the Site will not be sold or traded by PressPlaySA to any third parties. All personal information provided to PressPlaySA via the Website will not be shared with any third parties other than PressPlaySA s’ designated delivery agent and Pay Fast Internet Payment Gateway in the event of a sale. PressPlaySA shall have the right to disclose to the relevant authorities all information provided to it if required to do so by law.

PressPlaySA shall have the right to change, modify, add to or delete portions or the whole of this privacy policy from time to time. Changes to this privacy policy will become effective upon such changes being posted on the Site. It is your obligation to periodically check this privacy policy for changes or updates. Your use of the Site following the posting of changes or updates will be considered notice of your acceptance to abide by and be bound by this privacy policy, including such changes or updates.

Should you have any queries regarding this privacy policy, please contact PressPlaySA at